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HOWARD RAY WHITE DESCRIBES his path-breaking work on American history in How Southern Families Made America thus:

"It seems today that Americans have great difficulty in grasping the notion that America's expansion westward as far as Texas and the Rocky Mountains was, for the most part, the hard work and sacrifice of Southern families. This is truthful. But it is not so recognized in today's culture, where achievements of the Southern people are minimized, and the so-called achievements of the Northern people are overly exaggerated. I am talking a span of 229 years from 1607 to 1836. I am talking about the hard work and sacrifice of both Southern Whites and Southern Blacks. Two hundred and twenty-nine years! Folks that is a long time - ten generations of pioneering moms and dads and sons and daughters."

White's book is "a narrative-style history of the Southern people and their leaders as they expand and make productive a 2,000 mile span of America, beginning at Williamsburg, Virginia Colony in 1607 and concluding in 1836 at the western boundary of the Republic of Texas."

Read and enjoy this unique and convincing work of Southern and American history.

How Southern Families Made America Book

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