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How You Can Help

Just imagine if every museum and library were to close and the only place that children were able to learn was strictly limited to their text books and the internet...


Currently Civil War historical sites, both in the North and the South, are becoming endangered due to the times and are at risk for closure and complete loss.  It is a fact that history museums across the country are seeing a steady decline in attendance. 


Beauvoir is more than just a house.  Beauvoir is a historic landmark that has endured more than 165 years of history along our beautiful Mississippi Gulf Coast.  In the time that it was a residence, Beauvoir hosted people from all over the world who came to visit the various owners of the home.  Her owners made impact on the history of the United States and the Mississippi Gulf Coast. 


Beauvoir is also one of the few original antebellum homes left on the Mississippi Gulf Coast following Hurricane Katrina in 2005.  It is more important now than ever for you to help with the constant preservation and restoration of this beautiful home and we cannot do so without your help!  We invite you to check out the many different ways you can assist Beauvoir in moving forward below.


We look forward to a bright future as our facility continues in our mission of educating the public and supporting the cause which was set forth by Mrs. Varina Davis when she turned Beauvoir over to the capable hands of the Mississippi Division, Sons of Confederate Veterans all those years ago. 



Friends of Beauvoir

The Friends of Beauvoir is a support organization that was established to allow individuals, families and corporations to have a means to help support Beauvoir and maintain it for future generations.  The program provides key support to help with the daily operations of Beauvoir and assist in offsetting the rising costs of maintaining this historic landmark. 


We have several different levels of membership.  You can find out more by clicking here. 



Send Application and Check to:

Beauvoir the Jefferson Davis Home and Presidential Library

ATTN: Friends of Beauvoir

2244 Beach Blvd | Biloxi, MS 39531

How to Donate

There are many ways that you can donate to support the preservation and ongoing mission of Beauvoir, the Jefferson Davis Home and Presidential Library.  


With Beauvoir being a 501(c)3 Charitable Non-Profit, any gift that you make are tax-deductible and we are more than happy to provide you with a receipt for any donation made.  


Your gifts to Beauvoir can take the form of Cash, Bequests and Appreciated Securities. 


With the age of the home and the location close to the Coast, Beauvoir is a constant work in progress.


We currently have several projects that are in progress and then others that are in need of funding so that we can work on them, as they are a priority for Beauvoir to remain open for tours.


Please click on the links below to find out more.

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