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Follow us back to a place in time.

Bring your group on a visit to the Beauvoir Home, Presidential Library, Museum, and the Beauvoir Memorial Confederate Cemetery. While you are a guest on property, you will have the opportunity to explore our 52 acre estate and learn about the people who lived here throughout her history.  Upon the completion of your tour, you can visit our lovely gift shop, with many beautiful items…ranging from Flags, novelty items, books, and jewelry. 


Group Tours: 10+

Your tour will include: 

  • A guided tour of the Jefferson Davis Presidential Library and Museum, where you can see many artifacts and artwork to learn about Jefferson Davis and the life of Confederate Soldiers during the American Civil War or even be able to do some research on your own heritage. 

  • A professionally guided tour through the Beauvoir House, where you will learn about the families who lived there, how it has impacted the Mississippi Gulf Coast and how we plan to keep this beautiful home for future generations. 

  • A self-guided walking tour of the grounds, where you will be able to step where history was made and tour Mrs. Varina's Gardens, the Jefferson Davis Oak and Oyster Bayou. While you are touring the grounds, you can take a serene walk back to the Confederate Memorial Cemetery and view the Tomb of the Unknown Confederate Soldier, known only to God, and honor veterans from the American Revolution and the Civil War. 

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