Jefferson Davis Presidential Library

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Our Jefferson Davis Presidential Library is a place that you can visit and learn more about Civil War and Confederate history.  Explore our stacks and research stations, where we have an extensive genealogy section to include books containing information of soldiers and families of the thirteen Confederate states and two Confederate territories. 


We have several computers with access to Fold3, where you can go in and search military records for wars of the past.  


In addition to Civil War and Confederate history books, we have other books from the time period such as legal resources and cartography books. Our library hosts an extensive military history section with information dating back to the American Revolution. 


We have library assistance available Monday-Friday.  Weekends are self-service only.  All items located in the library are not available for check-out and must be utilized on-site.

Other Educational Materials

Education Resources


We are proud to offer some resources for our local educators to assist in your lesson plans.  If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out.


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