Victorian Tea Party

2020 Date TBD



Let's have a tea party!  We'll wear hats and lace.  

We won't slurp or wiggle and someone will say grace.

Our table might topple with so many sweet treats! 

Still, we'll nibble and sip and never leave our seats.

Our best dolls will join us...our teddy bears, too.

We'll converse like grown ups and say “Hi. How do you do?”

Let's have a tea party! Who needs hats and lace?

Everyone's invited. We'll save you a place.

- Irene Latham

Take the opportunity to dress up in your finest and come out to the historical grounds of Beauvoir and take part in an old fasioned Victorian tea.


Visit with Southern Belles and learn about how ladies lived in the 19th century.  There will be crafts and games and maybe even an appearance by our magical unicorn.