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Mrs. Varina's Garden

A Letter From Our Master Gardners



My name is Carla Harbin and I am a member of Mississippi Division United Daughters of the Confederacy Biloxi Beauvoir #623, and Mississippi Society Order of Confederate Rose Ladies of Beauvoir #20.


Mississippi Division Sons of Confederate Veterans Shieldboro Rifles compatriot Michael Redmond and I have been tasked with overseeing and implementation of restoring Varina's Garden at Beauvoir its original state as laid out in plans from 2013 in accordance with the Mississippi Department of Archives and History. 


Michael and I are in the process of completing our internship to become Mississippi Master Gardeners. This experience is providing us with the knowledge and skills we'll need for the restoration and long term future care for the garden. We do this strictly on a voluntary basis from a mutual love and long term future care for the garden. We do this strictly on a voluntary basis from a mutual love and respect for what Beauvoir stands for and a strong desire to see it flourish as it did under Varina's care. Once restored to its former glory, the garden could become an attraction for visitors to experience and learn about a historic Southern botanical garden.


We must replace 48 of the roses in the central rose garden and an undetermined number of fruit trees and other plants. We would appreciate it if anyone in your Division's camps might find it worthy to donate the purchase cost of a rose bush and/or a fruit tree. The roses cost range from $16.95 - $18.00 each and fruit trees $35.00 - $40.00 dollars. Any camp that donates a fruit tree will have a permanent donor plaque placed on a memorial board with the camp's name, number, and division.


Currently, we have some funds available for compost, fertilizer, and other items needed to give the new plants an excellent start. Fortunately, we have a long growing season to work with. We are in the planning states now to begin the garden clean-up and soil preparation. Assisting us with this are Mississippi State University Extension Agents from both Harrison and Hancock Counties. If you find that you'd like to help with this, please contact us through the office at Beauvoir.


If you would like to donate to this historic restoration of the beauty of Beauvoir, please make checks payable to "Beauvoir" and write "Garden Restoration Project" in the memo line. Please include your full camp name, number, and division with your donation as you would like it to appear on the donor sign.


Please mail your donation to:


Beauvoir, The Jefferson Davis Home & Presidential Library

ATTN: Varina's Garden

2244 Beach Boulevard | Biloxi, MS 39531


We thank you for your generosity.


Deo Vindice,

Carla Harbin and Michael Redmon

Donations for Memorial Board 



Rose Petals Nursery, Newberry, Florida

Triton, Long Beach, Mississippi

The Garden Clubs of Mississippi

Order of the Steel Magnolias, Durham, North Carolina


In Memory of

Laurie Clippinger Brinkley

Dr. David Clippinger

Mrs. Joan Latimer

Sam McGan III



Lori Adams

Stacey Elizabeth Dunn

Jacob Andrew Echols

John L. Echols

John L. Echols, JR.

Justin Woodrow Echols

Paul Maitland Echols

Deborah Findley

Carla Harbin

William D. Harrell

David Johnson

Lt. Col (RET) Kimble L. Johnson

William & Sherry Latham

Charla R. Lewis

Dr. William & Ruth Murdock

Diana Pfingsten

Sandra F. Smith

Gary Streeper

Brian & Angela Waller


Sons of Confederate Veterans

Samuel H. Powe Camp #225 Mississippi Division 

Sam Davis Camp #596 Mississippi Division 

Lt. Gen Nathan Bedford Forrest Camp #1353 Mississippi Division 

Captain James W. Bryan Camp #1390 Louisiana Division 

Lt. S. D. Lee Caledonia Rifles Camp #2140 Mississippi Division 

Shieldsboro Rifles Camp #2263 Mississippi Division 


United Daughters of the Confederacy

Kate Litton Hickman Chapter #597 Tennessee Division 

Beauvoir Chapter #621 Mississippi Division

Robert E. Lee Chapter #737 Louisiana Division

Varina Howell Davis Chapter #2559 Mississippi Division

Dixie's Daughters Chapter #2650 Texas Division 

Rufus C. Burleson Chapter #2709 Texas Division 


Order of the Confederate Rose

Parsons' Rose Chapter #9 Texas Division

Gray Roses of Florence #24 Mississippi Division 

Mississippi Society OCR General  

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