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If you believe that the American Civil War was fought over slavery, and that the "North won" and the "South lost," if you think that Abraham Lincoln was a conservative Republican who "freed the slaves" and that Jefferson Davis was a liberal Democrat who tried to "preserve slavery," then you've been completely misled by the mainstream media and by our left-leaning education system.

Read the most important Civil War book in decades, Lincoln's War: The Real Cause, the Real Winner, the Real Loser, by award-winning historian and Civil War scholar Colonel Lochlainn Seabrook and learn the truth about the Great Conflict of 1861; a truth that overturns all of the lies, slander, revisionist history, Yankee myths, and South-shaming propaganda invented by progressives in an effort to continue the humiliation of conservative Dixie and her people.

This seminal work, the first ever to expose the authentic facts about Civil War era Republicans and Democrats, the true origins of the War, and who really won and lost, will finally clarify the illogical and often confusing conventional view of the conflict. Who could seriously believe, for example, that millions of men, women, and children (on both sides) risked their lives to destroy or save slavery? And who can honestly accept the idea that Lincoln was justified in killing countless thousands and bankrupting the U.S. Treasury to "preserve the Union," or that Davis purposefully turned 8 million Southerners into "traitors" to prove the legality of secession? No wonder the mainstream - that is, Left-wing - version of the Civil War taught in our schools has always been confusing, nonsensical, and illogical. Not anymore!

Thoroughly researched, historically accurate, and packed with hundreds of once suppressed eyewitness testimonies, Colonel Seabrook's richly illustrated, highly original work is the only one you'll ever need for a total understanding of America's bloody contest between conservatism and liberalism. Lincoln's War, which includes extensive notes, a bibliography, and an index, renders every mainstream history book obsolete, and is a must-read for any serious Civil War or history buff. Destined to become a literary classic, this is the first and only book that makes complete sense of this tragic fratricidal conflict.

Lincoln’s War


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